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Growing Probus - Ideas for membership development and retention

Probus Members Manual - What Probus is and how it works

Probus Forming New Club - Six steps to starting your own Probus club

Probus Club Constitution – The Constitution and Rules are there to establish the procedures for managing the club and it’s activities as well as protecting the members of, and the club as a whole.

Probus - SARS - EI1 - Application for Exemption from Income Tax

Probus - SARS - El2 - Public Benefit Organisation Written Undertaking

Probus - SARS - Example of tax exemption process followed by Probus club

Probus - SARS - Modus operandi for obtaining tax exemption

Probus Dipstick Survey Form - Members satisfaction survey example

Probus Logo - Examples

Probus Shop - how and where to get hold of your regalia

General Items - Probus Prayer, Inspirational Code, Examples of Club Introduction letter, Club Welcome Note, Member Awards, Display notice at Sport Clubs Churches  etc - Invitation brochure

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